the words never dies, Never die, does not end, it does not deformation, it is eternal and immortal. The scholar’s are use word as proof, But what words? The colloquial word, Kautukvs, was Anandvs not Waky- configuration, daily speaking, not the language of the running! Drshnkar justice says- the true words come from Aptjnon mouth is evidence. Now the question is: Who is the Apt person. Apt person's interpretation is very long. It can be said that Aspiration, qualification and promotion of proximity with the group is called the sentence. Vedic or Temporal person is known to distinguish the two types by the sentence. Temporal person are who, those need everything for survive. They need protection. For Recovery, protection spells are used by the human. These are those spells which help to human so he defenses himself. In these Protection spells one shield cove the human to shelter him from any attack, phantoms, ghosts etc. these causes are also provide the safety to the house. It insure from the any bottlenecks to the house. In muslims these spells are writen on the paper with the help of pen made by the pomegranate wood. Or ink is made by the Saffron and rose water. They convert it with black cloth or in silvers Amulet or bound it on their arm or neck. This protects the person who bound it. If you want to need this type of cause then contact to one of our expert.

How to get revenge from ex

Love is the feeling that can’t be express. It is the understanding between two hearts or two persons. But it is not compulsory that every lavatory will have completed. There are coming some situations which make the condition uncomfortable. Or result of it the relationship will be breakdown. Sometimes behind the breakup the rezone is another affair. In every person life there is a painful past which is not to be easy to forget. But some persons do not want to forget it. They make their ex to their enemy because many situations are coming in their relationship which make them cry or want to get vengeance from their ex. But their a question always created that how to get revenge from ex? That is the big problem. We don’t get its answer. Because we think that, those we love so much how can we hurt him or if we will not hurt him then how can we take reprisal from him or how can we forget our pain. You cannot see him happy with anyone else. That person cheats you or hurt you, but still happy with someone else. That person breaks your heart. You have query in your mind that How to get revenge from ex, and then come to us. Anyone wants to take recrimination from your previous love then you can contact with the expert.

Enemy revenge spells

The spells which are use to defile or destroying enemies that causes are known as enemy revenge spells. For foe we use no of things to take retribution from the opponent. Maran karma is one of them. The mere use by the organism dies that is known as marn karma. The owner of this karma is goddess dakshina Kali. Its habitat is Agnikon. On Autumn season and Krishna pksh use of this spell at midnight is intended fruitful. Black or dark blue robes, buffalo leather easy, ceramics, owl feathers, mixed assembly Fire and donkey teeth were beads , chanting is fruitful for maran karma. Sunday Panchami , Ekadashi , twelfth , Ore moon Puarnmashi favorable these days for marn karma is also fruitful. The mind should not supersede any use of mantra.” षवरूढ़ाम्महाभीमां घोऱदंष्टां हसन्मुखीम, चतुर्भुजां कङ्गमुण्डवराभयकरां शिवाम। मुण्डमालाधरान्देवी लालजिहांन्दिगम्ब्राम, एवं सच्चिन्तयेत्काली श्मशानल्यवासिनीम्॥“ maha kali rode on dead person. She has look like Shiva consumed the goods, having Spryukt, Mahabynkr, Bagnbr look of her is scary. She has four hands. This the look of maha kali who is the owner of maran mantra. Many other spells are use for revenge like ucchatn mantra, videvshn mantra etc. these are useful enemy revenge spells or these mantar are from black magic.